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Rand Marquardt is an Author, Life Philosopher, Spiritual Life Coach, Mental Golf & Sport Performance Coach.  The Secret is the law of attraction applying the wisdom of the ages, the universal life principles, to the game of life, to the game of golf, and to the game of whatever your heart desires. It is all one and the same.


Marquardt is an awakened spiritual messenger being the change for more peace, harmony, and joy in the world. His message is about awakening critical mass and those drawn to a higher evolved consciousness within. The secret is aligning and becoming your authentic Self and connecting with Source Energy. It is about awakening to who you really are. Like Baggar Vance kept asking Rannulph Junuh, who are you? Who are you, Junuh?

Once awakened from this new perspective, life is about following your bliss, living joyfully, and giving humanity your unique gift. The ones we were born with. That’s how we change our world – one very special awakened being at a time. And it all begins right within my own heart and soul and within yours. The work of the soul is to wake you up. The work of God is to wake everyone else up. Like ripples in a pond we keep on inspiring each other as we evolve through this amazing, wonderful eternal process we call life. Embrace it all, show up big, and give service to everyone along your journey.

There are two ways to understand this paradigm shifting consciousness perspective; the first is through desperation (God pinching us all the time to get our attention – what we resist, persists), the second is through inspiration (aligning with God setting our intention – deliberately creating our own reality). I have experienced both.

Allow me to guide and support you along your journey, the fairway of life, into becoming the grandest version of the greatest vision ever you have held about who you really are both on and off the golf course. Have questions about life, about purpose, about meaning, dreams, goals, intentions, or understanding life? Have self-image thoughts of playing small, feeling unworthy, undeserving? Have questions about taking that leap of faith into the unknown to connect with yourself (the most fearful and most liberating experience of all), understanding the language of your soul, listening to that small, still voice within, or simply to play better golf and life – no better than anyone else, just a little bit better than you used to be. Want to create a champion’s self-image, be in The Zone, enrich your life in abundance, and play to your full potential, more consistently than ever before. There is no judgment in life, only observations and consequences. You can be, do, or have whatever your heart desires and there is only new beginnings evolving forward. The moment you stop thinking God is judging you, and the moment you stop judging others, will be the moment you stop judging and beating up on yourself.


I’ll guide you through life’s most challenging and deepest questions:

  • Who am I?

  • What do I desire myself to be?

  • Where am I going?

  • With whom?

Just as I was invited to play life full out by the mentors and Masters in my life, I invite you to do the same. Yes, your dance-with-life is to play full out. Listen to God communicating with you all the time and heed your intuition, your connection and communicate back. Your next message is right here, right now – it always is. When the student is ready, the Master appears. God has been talking to each of us all the time, now it’s a matter of who’s listening and who wants to keep on communicating?

The deepest understandings is that everything is an act of self-definition and nothing matters, except for what we decide to make matter, literally and figuratively…and we are all making it up. Life becomes a circle.

In the coaching realm we can accomplish so much more and become so much more productive with the support and guidance of another. We set goals, intentions, and accomplish milestones. We clear away thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve us. We integrate unloved aspects of ourselves. We deposit new more empowering thoughts, beliefs and focus into our subconscious minds. We become accountable to ourselves and another. We visualize upon our dreams each day putting forth the energy to keep us on track. We take action. The circle begins expanding and enhancing its upward spiral, all the while understanding that the answer and wisdom lies within. We recreate ourselves anew.

So, turn your kayak downstream and point into the direction of what you desire…appreciating where you are now, eagerly anticipating where you are going next…always living in the now. You are living in this gap of where you are now and what you desire to be next. And there will always be a gap. And since life is an eternal process, and you will never get it all done, you can be happy now realizing you will always have unfulfilled desires, as new rockets of desire continue to shoot forth. Yes, life really is a journey, a most incredible adventure. And NOW is all you ever have. 

Learn how to apply The Secret and much, much more to the game of life!

Tell me what you want, and I’ll show you how to get it!

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By Rand Scott Marquardt
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Coach Marquardt, 49, currently a 2-handicap golfer and student Jeff Mocini, 19,
now a scratch golfer, a few days after Jeff fired a 67



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